The International conference "Mathematical hydrodynamics: models and methods" will be held in Rostov-on-Don , the center of Don Region , from 4th to 8th October of 2004. It will be organised by Rostov State University .

The main goal of conference is Mathematical Hydrodynamics in a broad context.
The scope of the conference includes but not limited the following topics:


Prof. Belokon' A.V. Rostov State University
Acad. Matishov G.G. RAS, Rostov on Don
Prof. Yudovich V.I. Rostov State University

Vice chairman:

Prof. Erusalimsky Ja.M. Rostov State University


Dr. Zhukov M.Yu. Rostov State University
Dr. Revina S.V. Rostov State University

Organization Committee:

Dr. Govorukhin V.N.

Rostov State University

Dr. Kurakin L.G.

Rostov State University

Dr. Morgulis A.B.

Rostov State University

Dr. Norkin M.V.

Rostov State University

Dr. Tsybulin V.G.

Rostov State University

Dr. Tsyvenkova O.A.

Rostov State University

Melekhov A.P.

Rostov State University

Ostrovskaya I.V.

Rostov State University

Progam Committee

Prof. Andreev V.K.

Krasnoyarsk State University

Acad. Babeshko V.A.

Krasnodar State University

Prof. Belokon' A.V.

Rostov State University

Prof. Vladimirov V.A.

Hall University, UK

Prof. Gercenshtein S.Ja.

Moscow State University

Prof. Iooss G.

Nice University, France

Prof. Zaslavsky G.M.

New York University, USA

Prof. Karasozen B.

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Prof. Lyubimov D.V.

Perm State University

Prof. Nasedkin A.V.

Rostov State University

Acad. Plotnikov P.I.

Mathematics Institute of RAS, Novosibirsk

Prof. Polezhaev V.I.

Istitute of Appl. Mech. RAS, Noscow

Acad. Pukhnachev V.V.

Hydrodynamics Institute of RAS, Novosibirsk

Prof. Sedenko V.I.

Rostov Economics Academy

Prof. Simonenko I.B.

Rostov State University

Prof. Yudovich V.I.

Rostov State University

Preliminary list of lectures

Yudovich V.I.

Vibrodynamics and vibrogeometry in continuum media with constraints

Pukhnachev V.V.

Group approach in hydrodynamics: problems and perspectives

Polezhaev V.I.

Computer experiment in turbulent convection

Vladimirov V.A.

Vorticity effects and spray generation: theory and experiment

Gercenshtein S.Ja.

Nonlinear interaction of waves and stochastic fluid flows

Lyubimov D.V.

Thermobibrational convection in compressible fluids

Plotnikov P.I., Iooss G., Toland G.

Old problems and new achievments in surface waves theory

Participation in conference

To participate in conference fill registartion form and send it with subject Conference.

Conference languages: Russian and English (translation will be provided)

Format: lectures 40', talks 20', poster sessions.

Registration Fees

Foreign participant: 200$
Participants from NIS coutries: 500 Rbl.


Submission of abstracts: June 20, 2004
and registration forms: June 20, 2004
Notification of acceptance of presentations: July 20, 2004
Registration and submission of accommodation forms: September 1, 2004

Accomodation and social programme

will be announced later.


Secretary: S. V. Revina
Rostov State University
Mechanical mathematical department
Zorge St., 5,
Rostov on Don, 344090, Russia.

Phone: (8632) 221312